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Feldherrnhalle Presentation Dagger

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This is an exceptionally rare dagger, so very few were made, and even fewer survived.  This is a textbook example that has seen some restoration at some point.  According to my source, this piece was originally acquired decades ago in the US with a very garish gold paint that covered most of the dagger.  The story goes that this piece was carefully conserved and restored with an amazing result.  Finish is 100% identical to the original "rose gold" colored finish exclusive to these pieces.  Scabbard features the textbook "scabbard flaws" required for a piece to be considered original.  Internal parts feature all matching numbers.  A few important pieces of information concerning this type of dagger should be mentioned.  First of all, the term "Feldherrnhalle" dagger is not accurate - this was a collector-generated term attached to this type of dagger due to it having been worn by certain members of the SA-Feldherrnhalle unit, one of which was presented by the unit commander to Göring.  More probably, this is likely a special presentation dagger worn during the Italian delegation visit to Germany, as several are shown in photos being worn by members of the Italian delegation!  Second, despite the numerical rarity, several variations exist, including one with "fatter" blade and scabbard, several in silver finish, several with wood grips, some with ivory grips or brown bakelite grips.  Even some more standard characteristics are different.  Some scabbard bands are held in place by screws, others are not, some have slightly longer handles than others.  It really is astonishing the variety of construction encountered.  THIS example features non-screwed scabbard bands, a medium-length grip (I have seen shorter and longer).  The wood grip is the most "textbook" type as is the rose-gold colored finish.  In my opinion, repairs to the scabbard were made, the evidence of this being some weld-loss on the scabbard seams - the scabbard was re-plated at some point, as may be the case with the cross guards.  The color is 100% accurate.  In any case, this is a 100% textbook piece, available at a significantly discounted price.  These normally sell for $85,000 to $100,000 or more, depending on condition.  This one presents in "near mint" condition.  MOST of these were sold into Eastern Europe during the great "dagger vacuum" of the last 10 years, so very few are left on the regular commercial market.

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