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Allgemeine SS Tunic, Georg Aumeier

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An incredible tunic belonging to SS Oberführer Fritz Aumeier.  While not named, the combination of the early SS-Oberführer rank insignia & blood order ribbon and Gold Party Badge loops, plus the later application of the Reichsführung-SS cuffittle and SS-WVHA sleeve diamond and staff band, indicate with absolute certainty that the only officer to whom this tunic could have belonged was Aumeier.  A look at his career will substantiate this claim.  

First, as a member of the SA, he took part in the Hutler Putsch in Munich, earning him the Blood Order (number 586).  The blood order ribbon on this tunic is present and correctly sewn to the pocket.  As an old fighter with SS number 1237, Aumeier was an "Old Fighter" which is reflected by the old fighter chevron on the sleeve.  The real key however are the early SS-Oberführer collar tabs.  Aumeier was uniquely promoted to this rank in 1934, and REMAINED in this rank until the end of the war, mostly due to his ill health which precluded him from combat positions. Accordingly, he had a number of important staff positions, but due to his remaining an Oberführer, never upgraded his collar tabs.  After being appointed personal adjutant to Himmler in 1930, he held several posts on Himmler's staff.  In 1935, he was transferred to Dachau where he was the leader of the SS training camp there, where he remained until 1940.  After a short assignment in SS-Oberabschnitt Süd, he returned to Berlin, where he became a leader in the SS-Wirtschafts und Verwaltungshauptamt (SS-WVHA).  While this tunic most certainly bore other sleeve bands, it was the  band that Aumeier wore until his retirement.  He retired before the end of the war, in 1944.  

Tunic itself shows minor wear throughout, but no mothing or damage.  The tab on the left collar (per the wearer's perspective) has some minor loosening of the center bullion in one of the leaves, and there is some minor wear to some of the bullion piping on the reverse of the collar.  A button for an adjutant's aiguillette is hidden underneath the shoulder board, which features a screw-in button  and no tag (probably removed when the board was installed.  

Please note: Gold Party Badge is present only for the photographs, and is not included (I can sell you an original gold party badge at-cost if you buy this tunic, or you can purchase a reproduction somewhere).

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