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REFERENCE: DAF "Birdshead" Dagger

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Until my discovery of this piece in private hands, this dagger type was previously identified by researchers as being a model unique to the SA as a presentation piece.  While this is certainly true of the very few that exist, this particular model was built for presentation within the DAF (Deutsche Arbeits Front).  A beautiful Damascus blade adorned this piece, the handle fittings for which are identical to the 2 known SA pieces, with the exception of the pinned-on insignia on the cross guard.  It came with a very simple leather scabbard, leading me to believe it was presented and used as something like a letter opener, and not for wear.  Quite an interesting piece! I  wish I'd taken more photos of it!  Please be advised this is not for sale.  My programmer is working on a new category that will easily reflect this.  I am sorry for any confusion!