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REFERENCE: Sepp Dietrich Honor Sword

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Without a doubt, one of two of the single best swords to have been produced during the Third Reich period.  This sword was custom manufactured in 1935/1936 for Sepp Dietrich, commissioned by his officers at a cost of approximately 1 month's salary each.  Originally discovered by LTC Tom Johnson, the sword was sold to Barry Brown of England, where it resided in his collection for many years.  When Barry decided to sell the sword, he contacted me to broker a deal, which I did, via Helmut Weitze, to a customer in Russia.  Arguably one of the most exciting events of my professional dealing career.  These never-before-seen photos are the best photos of the sword.  I only wish I'd taken more, with a better camera! Please be advised this is not for sale.  My programmer is working on a new category that will easily reflect this.  I am sorry for any confusion!